How To Buy A Domain

Here are the steps on how to buy a domain name for your website.

1st step: Go to a domain registration site. Here is an example site: Google Domains.

2nd step: Choose a domain name. Use a name that suits your website.

3rd step: Check if your domain name is available. A registration site normally has a search field on its home page.


  • Some suffixes apply only to certain types of organizations: .edu is for educational institutions only; .org is for non-profit organizations; and .gov or .us is used for government websites.
  • Sometimes the name will not work for a certain type of domain, such as .com, but it might work for .net, .biz, or .co.

4th step: Select the domain that you choose and start to buy.

5th step: Pay for your domain name and service. You are now the owner of the domain name.
Now, you can now start to build your website or moving an existing one to a new domain.